Thursday, 12 February 2015

I am an Anti-vaxer

I am an “anti-vaxer”

I wish my child lived long enough to get measles but sadly she died a few hours after receiving a vaccine.  At a routine ‘well baby’ appointment, she had her first shots.  I had no idea adverse reactions were even possible.  I trusted my doctor, completely.  I trusted my doctor blindly.
The doctors believed it was the pertussis vaccine that caused her death, but they did not know for sure because there was a combination of 4 vaccines,  given at the same time.  How could we possibly know which one caused her death? 
I lost the most precious gift of all, to “The greater good.”

I sacrificed my beautiful child, …for your child.

What did I get in return?  I was labelled an “anti vaxer”   
You see, I have a very healthy 11 year old son that is completely unvaccinated.   He is alive! 

Did I attend Google University?  Or Get my advice from Jenny McCarthy?  Absolutely NOT!  I spent years pouring through the peer reviewed medical journals, FDA, CDC, WHO and Health Canada files and speaking to doctors and politicians.  I had to PAY to access my daughter’s vaccine records through freedom of Information, at health Canada.   I did all this to figure out the FACTS, so that my other children did not also die!  I did this so that your children do not die, from vaccines!      
In Canada we do not have a vaccine injury compensation program, so legal recourse is not an option. 

The vaccine compensation program has paid 3 billion dollars for injuries and deaths in the US, while Canada has paid NOTHING! They simply deny that vaccine injuries exist.  A company that publicly reports yearly profits, in the billions, is not held accountable, for vaccine injuries and deaths.  The manufacturers of vaccines conduct their own, very limited, safety studies and many vaccines are licensed and used without any safety studies.  Health Canada told me it is more cost effective, to release vaccines, and then watch for reactions later.
There are serious problems with many of the vaccines; starting with the fact, their own studies show the vaccines are often ineffective.  After the previous pertussis vaccine caused thousands of deaths and brain injuries, many mothers worked together to demand change.  The pertussis vaccine was then replaced with a different one, which was less reactive but also turned out to be less effective.  As a result, we began to see many whooping cough outbreaks in North America.  At first they blamed the outbreaks on  “Anti Vaxers” but then it became undeniable, the vaccine was failing, the vaccine was responsible!

There has not been a measles death in over a decade in North America.  There have been deaths from vaccines however.  We have measles outbreaks in North America every year.  Many years ago they increased the MMR shot recommendation from once to twice, for children and we have a vaccination rate of over 90% yet they still have outbreaks of measles!  At first they blamed the ‘anti vaxers”  but according to their own studies, the measles vaccine is failing, the measles vaccine is responsible! 

In a 3 year study, in Ontario Canada, (March 2006 – April 2009), it was discovered that several infants died and that 1 in 168 Canadian children end up in the ER after receiving the MMR vaccine.   
Parents need to stop pointing fingers at other parents and work together, for the greater good.

For the good  .of our children,
Parents everywhere, need to ask questions!  And demand safer and more effective vaccines for our children.  Pharmaceutical companies should be given a clear message, that we want them to put more money and research into the existing, basic vaccines, which are presently failing to protect our children, instead of rushing to develop and license dozens of new, untested vaccines, for non-life threatening illness.   

Parents everywhere, need to demand that the manufacturer of vaccines be held liable and accountable, to ensure the quality, of the products they manufacture and sell to our children.  Canada needs to create a vaccine injury compensation program for the thousands of children killed and injured by vaccines.   Pharmaceutical companies should be monitored by an unbiased committee, or council of watchdogs, to ensure they are putting health and safety of our children before profits. 
Our children deserve to be protected!  Our children deserve better!

Measles has not killed a child in over a decade, in North America but vaccines HAVE killed and injured thousands.  That is a painful fact, I live with.   

I am NOT “Anti-vaccine”  I am pro health and safety of my children and your children. 
Do your research!    

From the heart of one mother to another…..~Christine Colebeck~